Ceramic coated pistons by Performance Coatings Pistons prepped and ready to be ceramic coated by Performance Coatings Ceramic coated pistons by Performance Coatings

Horsepower and increased life are achieved 3 ways:

First by impregnation of the skirts, pin bores and ring area with a dry film coating, reducing the effects of piston scuffing, piston rock and other friction induced problems.

Next, the piston dome is coated with a
Ceramic thermal barrier to distribute heat evenly across the piston dome and increase combustion temperatures.

Finally, the underside of the piston is coated with a thermal barrier. This process evenly distributes heat in the chamber, thereby greatly diminishing or eliminating the chance of detonation, while reducing oil cling.



Dry Film impregnated parts by Performance Coatings

A leading manufacturer of ring and pinion sets and transmissions conducted a test using parts coated with dry film lubricant. Temperature drops of up to 40 degrees and increased gear life were observed. Lower gear & oil temperatures will reduce backlash, shock loading and gear cracking.



There is no dimensional change when impregnated with Dry Film lubricant by Performance Coatings Dry Film impregnated bearings reduce friction and wear  

Impregnation with dry film lubricant (no dimensional change) provides substantially improved bearing life, while at the same time reducing friction. One of the obvious reasons for using a lubricating coating is to reduce friction, which improves wear, extends part life and frees up horsepower. normally lost to friction. A second major benefit is a reduction in part temperature.



Cermachrome ceramic coated intake manifold by Performance Coatings Cermachrome ceramic coated flathead intake manifold by Performance Coatings Clear coated intake manifold by Performance Coatings

By applying thermal barrier to the bottom of the intake and any open crossovers, we reduce heat transfer from the oil galley. The exterior of the intake manifold gets a heat dispersant coating to aid in cooling. Intakes can also be Cermachromed™ for a show finish.



Dry Film impregnated valves by Performance Coatings

Dry film impregnation of valve stems/seats will greatly reduce stem and seat angle wear. Valve faces receive a coating of ceramic barrier to provide additional heat protection. Both coatings aid in shedding carbon, resulting in higher flow rates over the life of the engine. Valve springs usually fail because of heat related problems. Through the application of a heat dispersant, we can substantially increase spring durability while maintaining spring rates longer.



Turbo housing pre-coated with MCS undercoat for maximum protection Unpolished and polished cold-side turbo housings coated with Cermachrome for maximum protection Polished cold-side turbo housing coated with Cermachrome by Performance Coatings

Thermal barriers applied to a turbo provide more consistent boost by keeping the heat in the system. Impellers that are dry film impregnated see considerably improved life because the coating can withstand temperatures as high as 4500 degrees Fahrenheit.



Dry Film impregnated oil pump surfaces reduce oil temps and increase oil flow

Oil pump gears, plates and passages coated with dry film lubricant will provide increased oil volumes. Additionally, less heat will be produced because of reduced friction.



Dry Film impregnated valves by Performance Coatings

These parts typically do not have a pressure fed lubricating system. By coating with a dry film lubricant, wear will be significantly reduced resulting in more consistent valve timing.



Cermachrome coated rearend by Performance Coatings Cermachrome coated accessories by Performance Coatings Cermachrome coated oilpan by Performance Coatings
Cermachrome coated valvecovers by Performance Coatings Oilpan coated with Thermal Dispersant by Performance Coatings Cermachrome coated brake caliper by Performance Coatings

Many other accessories such as rear end housings, hood hinges & springs, shock towers, pulleys, brackets, oil pans, timing covers and many other parts can be coated with Chromex™ for the polished aluminum look or any of our other coatings for a durable and attractive finish.

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